Monday on "The Bold and the Beautiful", the Spectra clan argue among themselves whether Coco can do what they've sent her at Forrester to do. Sally reiterated that if Coco is adamant about doing something, she won't use her. But Shirley had a different perspective. She pitched her idea to Sally. "What if it was possible for Coco to steal designs from Forrester for us, without her knowing it?" Shirley asked. She went on to explain that with Saul's help, they could plant devices on Coco so that she could be their spy.

Steffy finds out about Coco working at Forrester

At the office, Thomas revealed to Steffy that Sally has a little sister named Coco. "Okay... I couldn't care less about Sally Spectra and if she has a little sister," Steffy retorted. "Would you care more if I told you she's the newest Forrester intern?" Thomas asked. Steffy seemed alarmed. "She's probably a thief just like the rest of her family," said Steffy, when Thomas shared that he believes in her. But Steffy was wary -- and much to her annoyance, Steffy learned that both Thomas and RJ were impressed by Coco.

Brooke and Ridge are concerned about Coco

Brooke and Ridge went to see RJ, who was ecstatic to hear that his parents are eloping.

He explained why he couldn't go with them to Australia for Steffy and Liam's wedding, and he told his father in particular that he was proud of him for staying loyal to his mother. Coco was listening to them close by, unseen from Brooke and Ridge. Suddenly, she sneezed, which prompted RJ to introduce her to his parents. Upset about the revelation that she was working there, Ridge pointed out that her great aunt [Sally] stole from them.

"I wanna work here, and I wanna learn as much as I can about the fashion industry," Coco told them. But Ridge told her to get her things and leave the building. RJ wanted to challenge his father's decision, but Coco accepted her fate and made her way out.

RJ and Coco say their good-byes

Ridge was able to eavesdrop on RJ and Coco when they were talking in the warehouse.

"Your father has every right to be cautious... especially when it comes to my sister and Gramps. But I, I would never do anything --" Coco told RJ. RJ confirmed that he already knew that. They said their good-byes and as Coco was about to leave, a forklift was heading at full speed towards RJ.

'The Bold and the Beautiful' airs Monday to Friday on CBS.

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