Will there be a new episode of “Supernatural” season 12 on March 16, 2017? It’s the big question for the whole "SPN" family after the way last week’s episode ended. For those who don’t want to know any spoilers, only read up to the end of the first section. From the second heading, there will be spoilers!

No new episodes of ‘Supernatural’ for a few weeks

There will be no new episode of “Supernatural” season 12 this week. There are no new episodes planned until March 30 and this break is known as hellatus to many of the SPN family. There are also no repeated episodes on this week (although repeats will air next week).

“SPN” will return on March 30 with all-new episodes.

This week will feature repeats of “The Vampire Diariesseries finale and the one-hour special in the hour block before it. “Riverdale” fans will also note that there are no new episodes of that show either for the next two weeks.

'Supernatural' will pick up with the British Men of Letters again

This is the point with spoilers. Fans who are caught up will know that Sam and Dean are now joining forces with the British Men Of Letters. The Brits have a way of removing all demons and supernatural beings from America, as they have done with the United Kingdom. While the Winchesters don’t really like the idea of working with the Brits – and definitely don’t trust them – there are some benefits to having a world without monsters.

Some fans were surprised to see Sam tell Dean the truth within an episode of “Supernatural” about working with the British Men of Letters. Even more surprising was that Dean didn’t get angry at his brother for keeping a secret for the two weeks in the “SPN world. This is a major change to the brothers’ relationship, and certainly for the better.

Dean has even agreed to work with the Brits, as long as the Winchesters walk away at the first sign of trouble.

When “Supernatural” returns on March 30, Mick Davis will join the Winchesters on a werewolf hunt. The three will come across Claire Novak again, who looks to be out hunting the same creature and can’t help but laugh at Mick’s lack of field experience.