The murder plot "Days Of Our Lives" fans have been teased with is on the way. Of course it will revolve around Deimos, who has been spiraling out of control. Now that he isn't so distracted by Nicole and Holly, he has other wars to start.

There have been two major announcements that impact this story line for Deimos. It was announced a while back that Vincent Irizarry had been fired from the show. Then there was the announcement of the new head writer Ron Carlivati at the helm. When he weighed in on the Deimos story line, Carlivati did say that he would see it through to the end.

There have been no announcements for a recast for the character Deimos. At this point it is a safe assumption that the character is being written out of the show by the new writer. Deimos has digressed so that there is no longer a hint of the good guy he was trying to be.

What we know Deimos is up to

Deimos will see Chad as his mortal enemy. In an attempt to trap Chad, he captures the two women he loves -- Abigail and Gabi. Deimos will make Chad choose which woman to save, seeing who he loves more. This is a question everyone is wondering! Spoilers let us know that both ladies will be fine but the future isn't looking so bright for Deimos.

In the coming weeks, Deimos will manage to get on the bad side of everyone.

He alienates those that are around him as he gets more vicious. This could be the thing that leads to his demise. Specific spoilers aren't out yet but the implication is surely there.

Rafe and Sonny will find themselves on the opposing side of bad boy Deimos sooner rather than later. They plan to work together to bring him down.

Hope has to stop Rafe, however, when he fights with Deimos!

More threats!

Deimos has become one to throw out threats like most residents of Salem throw a smile. He may not be as obsessed with Nicole but that doesn't stop him from issuing a threat to Chloe and Eduardo.

Specific spoilers for the exit of Deimos (Vincent Irizarry) from "Days Of Our Lives" have not yet been released. Stay tuned for more updates as they become available.