While fans may or may not have been happy with “The Vampire Diaries” series finale, there was almost a very different plan in mind. Julie Plec and Kevin Williamson discussed way back in season 2 about how to end the show. Even up until the very end, there were different ideas floating around about who would end up together and who would die. Here’s a look at just how different the Series Finale could have been.

Are there any Mannie shippers out there?

TVD” fans will be forgiven for not knowing this ship, although there are a small number of people supportive of the idea.

Mannie would be Matt and Bonnie, which was an idea thrown out there. The showrunners knew that the two needed some sort of happy life after everything that they had been through. Matt was the only human and focused on keeping his humanity throughout, while Bonnie was always willing to sacrifice herself.

Everyone could have died in ‘The Vampire Diaries’ series finale

It turns out that one of the plans was for everyone to die. Is it possible that the whole of Mystic Falls was going to be destroyed, or would each of the group sacrifice their lives in some way? Is it possible that Katherine could have won? The only person who was always going to survive was Bonnie. Plec and Williamson knew that after everything, she needed a long and happy life in the end.

However, Enzo is her one true love, and while she takes lovers, the idea is that she doesn’t have another serious relationship.

Delena nearly didn’t make it

Those who were disappointed at the rushed ending may be happy to know that there was some of it filmed but left on the cutting room floor. There was also nearly no Delena moment at all.

Damon and Elena’s happy ending was a final pitch for the “TVD” series finale. Damon was going to be the one to sacrifice himself to save the town. In fact, back in season 2, the talk was that both Salvatores would die and spend the afterlife watching over Elena, who may have ended up with Matt.

It’s amazing how plans change.

“The Vampire Diaries” series finale was never supposed to be the end. There were other plans and ideas out there. It will make many fans wonder what end is in store for “The Originals,” whenever it comes.