You can't win for losing weight, agree some of Hollywood's biggest losers. HBO "Girls" creator Lena Dunham was fat-shamed for her "obesity, " but after weight loss, the actor was body-shamed and called a hypocrite! Did Dunham back peddle on her body love message? No, the secret to the award-winning director's slimmer figure goes beyond fat-shaming or body image.

Lena Dunham ignores body-shaming, except to prove a point

Dunham says she's never given the "tiniest of sh-ts" what people said about her body. Even comments like "bag of milk" or "baby cow" or "aging cow" left her unmoved.

The "Girls" star began a feminist newspaper called "Lenny Letter, " and one of the goals was to bust myths about the "ideal" female body. Using writings from women like plus-size model Ashley Graham, the paper helps women find peace with their body size.

Lena Dunham thin-shamed

When Dunham decided to lose weight, the body-shaming squad went after her for hypocrisy. Social media trolls asked what happened to her body positivity message. Dunham admitted she was dieting and exercising, but the reason had nothing to do with fat-shaming or meeting a Hollywood ideal. Lena struggles with endometriosis, and a health advisor recommended weight loss, diet, and exercise to manage symptoms. Losing weight was a means not an end.

Thin-shaming just as hurtful as fat-shaming

There's a lot of talk about fat-shaming but less about body-shaming of people who are "underweight." Even the term underweight confuses. Many automatically think a person on the smaller end of the BMI index is sick. They assume anorexia, bulimia, and other eating disorder problems.

And even those who bemoan fat-shaming have no problem name-calling slender people.

Lena Dunham nails conflicting body ideals

In times past, women were faulted for being too thin. People idealized larger arms, abdomen, and thighs that would today be called obese. Now the pendulum has swung the other way and women are expected to be slender.

But in some ways, bigger is still better. Women seek plastic surgery, silicone injections, and Botox to "fatten" strategic areas of their bodies. They undergo lip implant, butt lift and breast implant procedures to increase what is deemed too thin. Then they surgically reduce with a tummy tuck and skin removal procedures, areas of the body where fat is unacceptable. Lenny Letter attempts to correct these confusing self-esteem damaging notions.