Three people were on Sunday injured in a shootout incident involving rapper Fetty Wap. According to police officers, the shooting incident happened at 5.00 am near a 24-hour fast food restaurant in his Paterson hometown.

Fetty, not a suspect

Law enforcement officers in Paterson have said that Fetty is not a suspect and neither is any of his friends. However, Fetty and his friends managed to escape without any injuries, and it has also been verified that none of those injured in the incident sustained life-threatening wounds. Two of the injured men were found near the scene of the incident with wounds on their legs and torso and were rushed to the hospital while a third man checked himself into a medical facility.

Fetty robbed in the incident

Unconfirmed reports say that Fetty Wap was robbed of a chain and an unspecified amount of cash. However, police officers say that no robbery was reported though investigations into the incident are underway.

Man arrested over the incident

Police say they arrested a man identified as Raheem Thomas over the incident.Raheem was arrested near his house a few hours after the shootout incident. Raheem is known as Fuzz in the hip-hop industry, and he has been Fetty's longtime rival over music interests.

He had earlier posted a photo of a man on Instagram wearing a chain with the numerals 1738 inscribed which is similar to one worn by Fetty. Police did not reveal on which camp Raheem was during the shootout incident, but they have confirmed that he would be charged with assault and possession of weapons after they found three weapons in his possession.

Fetty’s rough brush with the law

This is not the first time for Fetty whose real names are Willie Maxwell II to have his name mentioned in an incident involving a rough brush with the law.In 2016 the rapper was arrested for driving with a suspended license.

In 2015 a cashier at one of the outlets in New Jersey accused the award winning rapper of being among those who assaulted him. However, the police were not able to verify the claims.