"Cash Me Outside" girl danielle Bregoli celebrated her 14th birthday on March 27, signed a deal for her own reality show and revealed her plans on becoming a millionaire, 'how bow dah' for a day?

Dr. Phil guest Danielle Bregoli tweets plans to be a millionaire at age 14.

Only in America can a troubled teenage girl find instant fame and now fortune after appearing on Dr. Phil. Us Magazine reports that Danielle has signed a pretty lucrative deal for her very own Reality Series which will focus on her daily life.The unruly teen's managers have revealed that Danielle has been contacted by seven production companies who are all interested in cashing in on the viral sensation and her dysfunctional relationship with her mother Barbara Ann Bregoli.The mother/daughter pair will reportedly be relocating from their Boynton Beach, Florida home to Hollywood once filming begins.

'Cash Me Outside' girl heading to Hollywood.

If you are not familiar with the "Cash Me Outside" girl here is a little background on her bizarre success story. In 2016 Danielle and her mother appeared on Dr. Phil to discuss her troubled out of control behavior in her young life that involved stealing cars, physical altercations with her mother and anyone else who dared to try to control and challenge her way of life and poor attitude.

During the episode, Danielle challenged audience members with her now popular catch phrase daring them to "cash me outside, how bow dah?" ("Catch me outside, how about that?") Barbara Ann then translated her daughter telling Dr. Phil that means she would "go outside and do what she has to do" and fight whoever gets in her path.

From that day on Danielle and her mother have a new found fame garnered from internet fans who find the teenage girl's poor attitude, lack of education and total disregard for the law, and her mother utterly fascinating. In a world, where TV viewers find mindless hours of entertainment in watching the often staged and dysfunctional daily life of others with reality series such as "Keeping Up with the Kardashians," "Teen Mom," Honey Boo and the Duggar family dramas that the life of an out of control child would not also capture TV interest. Not to mention banking some major dollars for all involved.

Will you be watching 'Cash Me Outside' girl Danielle Bregoli's reality show?