Reality television couple Josh and Anna Duggar are expecting their 5th baby but not everyone found it cause to rejoice. Josh Duggar was involved in a multilevel sex scandal that included pedophilia, cheating, cyber-adultery and pornography. The "19 Kids and Counting" parents Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar gushed over their new grandson who'll be born soon from all accounts. However others question the wisdom of having a baby in light of Josh's sex addiction admission. Even sisters Jill Duggar Dillard and Jessa Duggar Seewald have been quiet about the baby news.

Josh Duggar "haters" faulted as un-Biblical

"Counting On" Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar said Josh and Anna are rebuilding after the sex scandal and that the new baby is proof that joy comes amid ashes. On Facebook, many people offered congratulations and prayers and praised Anna Duggar for forgiving her cheating husband. Others questioned the wisdom of pregnancy so soon afterwards or using a baby to heal a marriage. Critics were called "haters" and un-Christian by some who claimed that the Bible calls for forgiveness after infidelity.

Reality television scandal "no one's business"

Those who were concerned about sex addict Josh Duggar having another child were told to mind their own business. Many were adamant that nobody has the right to judge or even question the "19 Kids and Counting" family.

One commenter pointed out that identifying sin and wrong-doing isn't the same as judging. Another noted that Josh has criticized others' private lives in LGBT and abortion issues. It was debated whether the high-profile family deserves privacy or if they gave that up with reality television and posting on social media.

Cut Josh Duggar slack after sex scandal?

Some diehard fans defended the pedophilia. They said Josh was only 15 when he sexually molested his sisters and other girls and didn't know better. Others claimed the sex abuse should have been kept in the family and faulted the whistleblower. There was no mention by supporters of Josh's dysfunctial sexual habits as an adult.

No one brought up the pornography use, sex addiction, cheating with a porn star/stripper or Ashley Madison accounts. No one countered the argument that regardless of culpability or forgiveness, it may be dangerous to bring another child into an already troubled relationship.