Mama June Shannon promises to go "From Not to Hot" after weight-loss and plastic surgery on a new reality television show. The former star of "Here Comes Honey Boo Boo" lost over 250 pounds but was unprepared for the fallout from massive weight-loss -- saggy skin. She underwent a boob job and skin removal surgery but was shocked at the massive scars left behind. Is Shannon regretting her makeover?

Mama June trades obesity for saggy skin

June began her reality television transformation at around 460 pounds, says WEtv, the network that airs "From Not to Hot." She had bariatric surgery (a gastric bypass sleeve) which more than halved her body weight.

Now she's looking forward to being a svelte size 4 down from size 22. But unfortunately, June didn't realize that losing obesity meant gaining unsightly baggy skin. She, like so many others, thought diet and exercise would tone her up. When it didn't, she resorted to plastic surgery in the form of skin removal (a kind of full body tummy tuck) and a breast implant procedure.

Mama June 'looks like Frankenstein'

The point of skin removal and tummy tuck is to reduce skin but also make the body appear thinner. And the boob job makes the waist and abdomen look smaller by comparison. But these operations also disfigure. Evidently, June Shannon thought that one could have large amounts of the body cut away with little scarring.

She was shocked to see the long red welts and seams on her back and abdomen. When she gets her "batwings" (under the arms) cut away it will be even worse. Any cosmetic surgery scars and Shannon plans to have a lot more done on "From Not to Hot." This is one of the parts of the makeover that worried daughter Honey Boo Boo most.

Mama June's plastic surgery dilemma

The scarring from plastic surgery work is often why celebrities continue to have more done. The Kardashian family is in a constant battle to keep up with surgeries. Lala Kent of "Vanderpump Rules" regularly gets fillers, implants and Botox in part to erase scars. There was one thing June Shannon could have done to reduce scarring and that was to wait until she was closer to her goal weight.

With 50 odd pounds left, the surgeon probably has to cut away fat to tighten skin. Will the "Honey Boo Boo" reality TV star follow doctors' orders in the future? Or will she rush the "From Not to Hot" process and regret it?