Looks like Farrah Abraham was right. Her nemesis Amber Portwood is back for another season on "Teen Mom OG." The 26-year-old angrily quit the show after last season. After an epic meltdown at the teen mom reunion, Portwood flounced off, hurling invective at MTV and vowing never to work for such "disrespectful" people again. But, all seems to be forgiven and Amber is happily chatting up weight loss and her upcoming wedding to Matt Baier.

Farrah Abraham calls Amber Portwood's return to "Teen Mom OG"

The reality television star blew a head gasket when Farrah Abraham's boyfriend threw a little shade at Portwood's beau Matt Baier.

Amber's new boyfriend is old enough to be her dad and has notoriously dated or hit on several of the "Teen Mom" cast members. He reportedly only settled for Portwood after his advances toward Farrah were snubbed. So when Abraham's then-boyfriend Simon Saran called Baier a pedophile, it hit a little close to home. But in the season opener, it's like last season had never happened--no fist fights, name-calling, or in-fighting. Did Amber Portwood get a new personality with her plastic surgery makeover? Or is it the just the money?

Amber Portwood cash-strapped for wedding?

Apparently the "lack of respect" the "Teen Mom OG" star received from MTV didn't hurt as much as the loss of income. And the disrespect cut both ways as it was Amber who drew first blood landing a punch on Abraham.

Was Farrah right that her "16 and Pregnant" co-star would never walk away from the drama? Perhaps she couldn't afford to turn up her nose at the money from the popular reality television show? That new sports car and plastic surgery had to set her back quite a bit. And there was no mention of the young mom's reportedly shady online boutique business either.

Amber Portwood wedding weight loss makeover

Did Portwood's clothing venture fail or did she just need more capital to fund her upcoming nuptials? The "Teen Mom OG" star teased that she and Baier's wedding is back on after being derailed last year. The mom of one promises to add weight loss to her extensive surgical makeover.

Portwood rivaled Mama June of "Honey Boo Boo" with a tummy tuck, facelift, butt lift, liposuction, and breast implant procedure. But will she be able to commit to a diet and exercise regimen, shed the obesity and slim down to walk down the aisle? Will Farrah Abraham be invited to join the couple on their big day? Stay tuned to MTV "Teen Mom OG" to find out.