New "General Hospital" spoilers are out, and it sounds like Liz might be pregnant with Franco's baby. That would be a pretty good twist of things. Jake just got a new baby sister, and another baby in his life would really mix things up. This could be an interesting twist.

Liz invites Franco to move in

It turns out that spoilers are that Franco is going to actually propose to Liz before long. These two are getting along great, but that is moving really fast. They are becoming a real family and adding a baby to it would be the next step. The thing is Franco didn't want to have children with Nina, and that would really upset her if she finds out that he was willing to do it with someone else unless it just ends up happening by accident.

Another person who would not be okay with this kind of pregnancy is Jason. He is not a fan of Franco and Liz being together, even though he just deals with it for now. This would mean that Franco would never be out of their lives no matter what. Jason and Franco have been at each other for a while and this just doesn't look like it will be getting any better. Jason and Sam are really happy with their new baby girl Emily Scout right now. You know that in the soap opera world something always happens to make things go downhill when they are going great.

If Liz ends up pregnant, then this is really going to bring her closer to Franco. He is already going to be living with her and is the one babysitting her kids when things come up.

At first, this seemed like a really odd relationship, but somehow they are able to make it work, and the fans can see their connection. If it was revealed that she was pregnant, honestly, nobody would be shocked by that news. Right now, it is just a lot of speculation and only time will tell if they do it.

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