The latest "General Hospital" spoilers discuss the relationship between Anna and Valentin. Anna Devaine and Valentin Cassadine have been linked recently on the show, with Anna's memories playing a bit part in their mysterious history. The two were formerly involved in spy training together for the WSB and now are once again around one another. What could their link be according to some recent "General Hospital" spoilers? Also, when will the newest episode of the soap opera air, since the latest "General Hospital" will not be on this Friday?

Anna and Valentin's mysterious past

During Thursday's dramatic "General Hospital" episode, Griffin became drunk at Maxie and Nathan's wedding reception. That led to Griffin confronting Valentin out on the terrace for the murder of Claudette. Valentin ends up getting the upper hand and beats up Griffin, with Anna bursting in. She slapped Valentin and called him a "thug," while referring to Griffin as a "good man."

Anna continues to berate Valentin as "disgusting" for his behavior. This basically causes Valentin to stutter, telling her she always said that about him. As he cries out he was always invisible to her, Anna has a flashback memory, remembering that a stuttering man visited her room to celebrate her birthday with her and she refused him.

In that flashback, Valentin was shown dressed in rags with a scarred face and a hunchback deformity.

So what could this mean? Various soap opera websites are always coming up with interesting "General Hospital" spoilers to contemplate.

One of the recent ones involving Anna and Valentin is that it's possible that the memories Anna is recovering involving a sexual assault relate to Valentin.

The latest rumors for "GH" indicate that it's possible Valentin raped Anna back in her room when the two were training at the WSB academy together. At least that seems to be what Anna might believe, but it may not be the truth.

In all reality, Valentin may have had a deep love for Anna and was heartbroken when they were involved at a younger age.

New episode next week

Due to Barack Obama leaving the White House this week, he held his final press conference on Wednesday, January 18, which caused the latest "GH" episode to be preempted. Unfortunately for fans, Friday will also see the show bumped from its time slot, as there will be an entire day of coverage of Donald Trump's Presidential Inauguration.

However, "General Hospital" is expected to return with a brand new episode on Monday, January 23, 2017. Hopefully, fans will be able to see more of Anna's memories being recovered so she can really get to the bottom of Valentin's involvement with her in her past, and maybe move forward in the present?

"GH" fans, what do you think will become of Anna and Valentin's relationship? What will Anna's memories uncover?