When "Zombieland" came out back in 2009, it was a shot in the arm to the zombie genre, that was growing stale in the movie theaters. Using a sharp comedy and some great satire, it breathed life into the dying genre. Now, the news of a "Zombieland 2" is starting to heat up again as the writers of the fist movie, Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick, says that it is in active development with them trying to get it started.

What is stalling 'Zombieland 2'?

The biggest problem with the filmmakers getting "Zombieland 2" off the ground is the cast has suddenly become major stars.

Woody Harrelson was the biggest name from the original zombie movie and he was always a star but has recently found himself cast in everything from the "Planet of the Apes" and "Hunger Games" franchise to the upcoming Han Solo "Star Wars" film. When a person gets in so many franchises, their asking price rises. Likewise, Jesse Eisenberg picked up Oscar nominations and is now Lex Luthor in the DC Comics universe and Emma Stone just won an Oscar for "La La Land." Really, only Abigail Breslin remains as the sole main character that is not a superstar in Hollywood at the moment.

Will "Zombieland 2" end up getting made?

The best news for fans who want to see a "Zombieland 2" movie is that Paul Wernick and Rhett Reese have experience with getting hard-to-make movies made.

They worked with Ryan Reynolds non-stop until FOX finally gave in and made their "Deadpool" movie. They said that they are doing the same thing right now when it comes to the "Zombieland" sequel. They said the main concern right now is budgeting the movie at a cost that the studios will accept and getting their actors in for under that cost.

While the plot was not discussed, they have said in the past that the threats facing their heroes won't just be zombies this time around, making it sound like possibly a human threat, something zombie fiction lovers understand all too well. One thing that might stand in the way is that Amazon picked up a "Zombieland" TV series that failed to launch after a poorly received pilot.