A new "General Hospital" promo is about as dramatic as it gets. Sam Morgan is in her third trimester of her second pregnancy, but she is still intent on investigating Morgan's murder. She has been trying to take it easy, at least for her, but her life will be in danger soon. According to the clip, Sam will be in the clutches of Olivia Jerome and there is a gun involved. Shots will be fired as the two women struggle. Will the expectant mother be the one who gets hurt?

Liv seeks revenge

The Jerome sister is hopping mad now that brother Julian has betrayed her trust.

He tried to put one over on her, but she caught on and now his family is in danger. No one else knows that Olivia Jerome is back from the dead and she wants to keep it that way for now. However, she is about to be exposed thanks to Sam's instinct. According to "General Hospital" spoilers, Sam and Liv are in a car together as snow is flying around them. Something must click with Sam because she will suddenly realize that she has found Morgan's killer and she, and the baby, are trapped with her.

The women will end up on the famous bridge that has been seen many times on the ABC soap over the years. Liv pulls out a gun, but somehow Sam makes her move and they will end up struggling for the gun.

Liv is heard telling Sam, "Don't make me hurt the baby." How far will Ms. Jerome go to get her revenge?

The hunt for Sam and baby Morgan

More "General Hospital" spoilers say that Sam will have quite an eventful delivery of baby Morgan.

That is coming up quick and it may be that this whole scenario with Olivia Jerome will set things in motion for Sam to have her and Jason's second child soon. There are rumors that Liv will try to steal Sam's baby in order to get revenge against Julian and Jason Morgan as well. Speaking of Jason, he will realize that Sam is missing and he and Julian will try desperately to locate her before it's too late.

This will be Tonja Walker's last couple of weeks on "GH" as her character will be gone sometime in March. By what she wrote on her Facebook page, the door will be wide open for the actress to return sometime in the future. It sounds like Liv will make a getaway after she is exposed. Her fans would love to see her stay on the soap permanently.

In the meantime, Olivia Jerome will wreak havoc in Port Charles and will put Sam Morgan in danger. How do you think all of this will play out? Will one of the women get shot? Sound off your thoughts on this "General Hospital" drama.