Hey, "Criminal Minds" peeps. We got a new set of spoilers from you guys, straight from the desk of the CBS promotion team. It gives official synopsis details for the upcoming episode 16 of this current season 12. It sounds pretty intriguing as we'll be seeing a case that involves a mother, giving the BAU team some very valuable intel that could possibly help them track down a very vicious-sounding unsub that's on the scene, We've also got Reid, trying to adapt, and more.

It's "Assistance Is Futile."

The press release also reveals that they decided to name this installment: "Assistance is Futile." They start off their official description by telling us, in all caps.

that their big storyline, this time, is going to be centered around the fact that the BAU crew is going to be on the hunt for an unsub that has a very violent name, which is called: "The Bone Crusher." Will this Bone Crusher criminal turn out to be as violent as their name? Unfortunately, we don't know, right now, because they didn't describe what exactly this unsub does, so it'll certainly be interesting to find out.

A mother comes forward

Next, we learn that a mother is going to eventually step up to give the BAU team some information that will prove to be very valuable in locating this very vicious-sounding unsub. The questions, here, is why is this lady coming forward with this intel? Is she going to get anything out of it?

It sounds like it'll be a pretty intriguing situation.

Reid must adjust

Lastly, we've got this final teaser that reveals, we're going to see Reid in action. Apparently, things are going to be pretty rough for him as he'll be forced to adapt to all the new rules that a prison would typically offer up, since he is living the prison life now.

Will Reid be able to make the big adjustments? Or will this new situation just totally get to him? One thing's for sure, we should see some pretty interesting scenes from this storyline. Actress, Tatum O'Neal, will be the guest star actress that plays character, Miranda White, who is the mother that delivers the important information.

This installment was directed by Leon Ichaso, and Virgil Williams pinned the script.

Not airing til March 15th

Also, we need to tell you that their press release revealed that this episode is not going to air next Wednesday. Instead, you'll need to look for it to hit the airwaves the week after next, which lands on Wednesday night, March 15th, 2017 at 8pm central time on CBS, so be sure to mark that date down on your TV schedules, and stay tuned.