Javi Marroquin is following in the footsteps of his former wife, Kailyn Lowry, and preparing to release a new book. However, while the "Teen Mom 2" star's 2016 publication was titled "Hustle & Heart," Marroquin's upcoming release has been tentatively titled "Heartlessly Hustled."

On March 1, Radar Online shared a report regarding the reality dad's plans for a new book and revealed that Lowry may be hiding secrets from her fans. Although the specifics of what Marroquin will be discussing in his book have been kept under wraps, he teased a few details of what fans can expect on Wednesday morning.

“Fans can expect a story about a man who thought he figured out life,” he explained to Radar Online. “Lies and cheating were swept beneath his nose for a long time!” He'll also discuss what it is like raising his young son alone.

Javi Marroquin has been planning his book since August

Months before Lowry's release of "Hustle & Heart" in November of last year, Javi Marroquin confirmed plans for a book to Radar Online. At the time, he told the outlet that the publication would be a response to his former wife's book. However, he added, his book would include the "truth" and reveal what Lowry did to end their marriage.

While Marroquin appeared to be firm in his decision to write a book at the time, he later decided to call off the idea and claimed the reason behind his decision was his relationship with Lowry, which had reportedly improved.

As he explained last year, the only reason he was writing the book was to ensure his side of the story would be told, but once he and Lowry settled their differences, he revealed he was willing to "drop all of this."

Javi Marroquin's marriage blew up after his deployment

"At the end of the day, I was mad and angry when I got home," Marroquin said of his reason behind writing the book in the first place. "Now I’m in a good place," he added.

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