"Days Of Our Lives" fans know that Nicole wants to be a mother more than anything else. After years of heartbreak and miscarriages, she finally has a biological daughter only to have her best friend start a custody battle with her.

Nicole has kidnapped baby Holly and is on the run. Of course, Brady wants to help her and tries to calm Chloe. He is the good guy that wants to do the right thing. He knows the best thing to do is to get Nicole and Holly back to Salem and get the court system to give custody to the biological mom. But is that what he will do?

Don't continue to read if you don't want to know. Spoilers will follow!

Nicole tells her side

Brady takes to the road and finds Nicole. He is determined to help her but does that mean changing his strategy to get her what she needs? It sure looks like he may be more willing to pick up on one of Deimos' plans and get the mother and daughter out of the country! After hearing Nicole explain why she feels that leaving with Holly is her only choice, he is swayed. The courts have let her down and allowed Chloe to have custody of her biological child. If she goes back and waits through the process, Holly will be in Chloe's care and Nicole just can't handle that. Not to mention how long she would remain apart from her child!

Brady gets it. He finally understands her heartbreak.

Now for what to do. Any plan to get Nicole and Holly out of the country will be risky. Brady is a problem-solver though and he is determined. Spoilers let us know that he will begin making all the necessary arrangements to get the two safely to Canada. There are even hints that Victor gets involved in the plan!

More Salemites in the plan?

While Victor is not a Nicole fan, he is there for baby Holly and of course, Brady. Holly is the granddaughter of his wife, Maggie, and they have both told Nicole they supported her. If Brady asks for help, Victor would be there for him. Brady may have been taking notes a while back. Remember, Deimos wanted to get Nicole and Holly out of the country a while back. Do you think he will get involved in this plan?