Nicole (Arianne Zucker) has been on the set of "Days Of Our Lives" since 1998. She is as much a part of the inner circle in Salem as the Brady and Horton clans. She has announced that all of that will be changing. Arianne has decided not to renew her contract when it expires in April. According to Soap Opera Digest, the star actually tossed around the idea of leaving "Days Of Our Lives" two years ago at contract time but decided to stay. She says that this is it, though, and she will be leaving.

Social media wonders why

Many fans on social media blame the storyline that her character keeps playing.

She is always unlucky in love and getting her heart broken. Each time it looks like she has actually found love, there is a terrible twist that costs her the relationship. Losing Daniel to a car accident was bad enough but then she was paired with Deimos by the writers. Another storyline that fans feel that writers have worn out on Nicole is the kidnapping and baby drama. After all the years of trying to become a mother and a history of kidnapping, couldn't the writers have just given Nicole a chance at being a more stable character on the show?

What is Arianne saying?

Arianne Zucker says that she knows that there are a lot of girls out there that would step into her job but for her it is time to leave.

After so many years of her being in the role of Nicole, getting a replacement won't be as hard as having a replacement that fits in the role.

"Days Of Our Lives" has a long history of replacing actors portraying characters on the show. Each time there is a bit of a transition period but the shoes of Arianne Zucker will be big ones to fill.

She is very popular with the viewers. As fans of the show know, there are several big changes in the works. A new writer replaced the former head writer of the show. While we know he has changes in mind, there is no word on how the exit of Nicole will be handled.

With the current storyline of baby Holly, we may see Nicole simply move away once the custody battle is over, either to live near Chloe and Holly or to raise Holly elsewhere.