"The Bachelor" 2017 really pushed it to make it look like Raven Gates and Nick Viall had sex with each other in the fantasy suite. Neither one of them admitted to it, but Raven was very open about the fact that her ex-boyfriend couldn't give her an orgasm and they made it sound like Nick was able to do it. Now Reality Steve is sharing that a fan overheard Nick Viall talking about if he had sex with Raven or not.

Nick Viall overheard talking to Jared Haibon

Nick Vaill was caught talking to Jared Haibon by a fan. Nick and Jared had no idea she was listening in, but she was able to get some great information.

The thing is she didn't get a video like the famous Nick video on an airplane saying that he didn't win "The Bachelorette."

The fan actually wrote a letter to Reality Steve with all of the details. It says, " I heard Jared ask Nick about the overnight date with Raven that aired last Monday. Nick said to Jared “I mean she’s a cool girl, it wasn’t as much as was brought on, never had sex.” This shows that it was made to look like more than really happened on the show. She shared that Nick Viall also took pictures with some fans, but refused to do an interview when someone was asking him a ton of questions.

Steve was able to confirm that paparazzi saw them at this restaurant, so this does make the story seem true sure.

Everyone knows that editing can make things look like they happen that really don't. It does sound like that is exactly what happened. Nick and Raven could end up talking about it a bit on "After the Final Rose." When Nick was on there, he made it clear that he had slept with Andi Dorfman and then she didn't pick him in the end.

Are you shocked that someone overheard Nick Viall talking about if he really slept with Raven Gates or not? Do you think that this is what really happened? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts, and don't miss the big finale of "The Bachelor" 2017 next Monday night on ABC. After that, you can watch "DWTS" each week with Nick Viall as well.