We recently learned that "Days Of Our Lives" will be losing Arianne Zucker. The popular actress who portrays Nicole has chosen not to renew her contract that expires in April. Recently Soap Opera Digest caught up with her and she had a lot to say.

Why did Shawn really leave?

Remember that Shawn Christian played the part of Dr. Daniel Jonas who was the fiance of Nicole Walker. Well, in the interview Arianne shared that she had read somewhere that Shawn had quit the show when in truth, she says he was fired. She shared that she was surprised and upset that he was the one to be let go.

Arianne also shared that she had expected to leave the show before him.

Shawn Christian's departure from the show was announced in June 2015 but he was still on the show for the remainder of the year. The final scene for him was when he was involved in a three car accident caused by Eric Brady (Greg Vaughn), who had gotten behind the wheel drunk after a party on New Year's Eve. The death left Nicole devastated as they were planning a Valentine's Day wedding that of course would never be.

Recently Shawn has had some guest appearances on "Days Of Our Lives" as the sordid truth about baby Holly has been revealed. It was a chance for the real-life couple to reunite on the set as Daniel offered Nicole comfort and reassurance when she needed it most.

While we don't know yet what will happen to Nicole, we do know that Arianne won't be a part of it. The new writer may simply have her character move away after she gets baby Holly back legally. Of course the possibility of a recast is a possibility as well.

No word from the popular actor

Shawn Christian having not spoken out about his forced exit from "Days Of Our Lives" is surprising.

He was a loved character and actor and when the announcement was made that he would be leaving, fans were upset. It is surprising that big news like this was kept under wraps for so long without word of the firing leaking out.

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