tom hiddleston can't seem to escape the questions about his ex-girlfriend Taylor Swift. The "Kong: Skull Island" star was hoping to talk about his career and past achievements. Instead, he got hit with more questions about his short-lived, high-profile relationship with the "Bad Blood" singer. Tom wasn't amused when the subject quickly changed to his infamous ex-girlfriend, who's known for writing breakup songs about her exes. Since their relationship only lasted the summer of 2016, some are still wondering what happened between the two stars. It seemed like Tom and Taylor were a good match with their theater backgrounds and similar sense of style.

This actor will never ever speak about Taylor Swift again

Gone are the days of Hiddleswift. Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston had a whirlwind romance shortly after the singer split from DJ Calvin Harris. The two traveled around the world and celebrated the Fourth of July at Swift's Rhode Island mansion. Hiddleston even wore a tank top that read, "I <3 T.S."

The pair then ended things in September. That hasn't stopped reporters from asking Tom Hiddleston about their relationship. In an interview with The Telegraph published on Monday, March 5, the British actor brushed off a question about Swift. When writer John Hiscock asked him if he has any regrets about dating the pop star, he paused "with his hand on his chin" before hinting that he was entitled to having a private life.

Live interview doesn't go exactly as planned

That's not all. He also made an appearance on the "Today" show. When host Savannah Guthrie mentioned Tom Hiddleston's relationship with Taylor Swift, he let out a sigh before laughing at the question. After giving it much thought, he said that his work should be public information while his personal life should remain private.

The point that Hiddleston made is that his "private life is private."

Us Weekly was the first to break the news about Hiddleston and Swift ending their whirlwind romance after three months. During that time together, they met each other's parents, hung out with her famous girl squad, and traveled to Italy, London, Australia, Nashville, and Los Angeles.

In a recent interview with GQ Magazine, Tom Hiddleston had nothing but kind words to say about the pop star. He gushed about her and said that "we had the best time" when they dated. He also insisted that Taylor Swift was an "incredible" woman and that "of course" their relationship was the real deal. But that relationship is between two people, meaning Hiddleston and Swift only.