"Days Of Our Lives" fans know that some storylines tend to drag on. This week isn't going to be as action-packed as viewers have enjoyed lately. Things will move along in Salem and things will change, but it just isn't happening all at once. Don't continue to read if you don't want to know. Spoilers will follow.

Things are looking up for Abigail and Chad. The two present themselves as a power couple. Jennifer is leery, however. She is wondering if Chad is as loyal as he wants everyone to believe. Meanwhile, Darios is keeping up with his dance lessons and realizes that he has some feelings growing for Abigail.

By the end of the week, Chad does make a confession about Gabi to his wife!

Jennifer's love life is heating up a bit. Eric and her share another kiss. And speaking of Eric, he returns to Salem and takes the job as a helper at Horton Center. Adrienne gets to be queen for a day thanks to Justin and Lucas. Kate helps them set up a much needed session of pampering.

Sonny has a plan!

Sonny shares his vision for the family business. He wants to have it all but can he? He needs a little info from Paul, however. Like some sort of proof against Deimos. Could this cause a problem between the two? Steve and Kayla get some information on Steve and Ava's son. Tripp (portrayed by Lucas Adams) will live up to his name.

Brady is standing by Nicole as she prepares to flee to Canada with Holly. Though Victor is very upset about it, Brady stays by her side and prepares to go with her! As hard as he tries, Deimos is unable to interfere. Deimos starts a family war with Chad over artifacts. As if he doesn't have enough trouble with the rest of the world, now the drama is in the family circle as well.

Two relationships may be in trouble

Claire wants to heat things up with Theo as she tries her hand at seduction. Meanwhile, Jade and Joey aren't looking so solid. Joey just doesn't feel the same anymore. Julie throws a Horton family party -- a welcome to her son Eli! He gets a chance to meet everyone. What a happy family!