"Avatar" was a huge success for James Cameron and indications were there that its sequel "Avatar 2" would release in 2018, but that is not happening. Cameron has admitted that preparations for a science fiction film like "Avatar" are a time consuming affair and the additional sequels he has in mind would take shape gradually, in fact, it could take another eight years.

Background story of ‘Avatar’

"Avatar" came out in 2009 and, buoyed by its success, James Cameron wanted to have a couple of sequels. The Verge reports that, over the years, he kept dreaming up more and more attractions.

His intent was to make the sequels still more appealing to the viewers and, as a result, their numbers kept increasing. In the bargain, the date of release of the first sequel in the form of "Avatar 2" kept being postponed.

It was supposed to be released in 2015 but was shifted to 2016, then to 2017, and finally to 2018, and Cameron has now said that it could take another eight years. He is a busy man and his hands are already full with other activities connected to "Avatar" like an Avatar- based Disney theme park in Orlando, Florida apart from a new game for the franchise. Therefore, "Avatar 2" will have to wait.

The future of ‘Avatar 2’

James Cameron is ambitious and he wants to see "Avatar" on the same pedestal as "Star Wars" or "Star Trek," which have been roaring successes – in comparison, the future of "Avatar" sequels is hazy.

There is no doubt that the film was a huge technological achievement because it helped to bring 3D films to the mainstream. It was a complicated project in which Cameron ventured into new territories. However, a question arises whether it is really necessary to plan another four sequels simultaneously. Perhaps it would have been better if he had tested the waters first with the sequel, and, if the response of the audience was positive, he could proceed.

Going ahead with four successive sequels is a risky affair because the taste of the audience has changed, and, the response may not be similar to that of 2009.