chrissy metz plays the character Kate on the new hit show "This Is Us." Right now, it looks like there could possibly end up being a wedding between her and Toby. Now she is speaking out about what that wedding dress could be and even if they would ever do a sex scene with her character.

Chrissy thinks about the wedding, even though it may not happen

Chrissy Metz shared how this wedding might not happen, simply because you never know with relationships. Of course, if the wedding happens it won't be up to Kate Pearson how they do the dress, but she shared saying, "Our costumer and seamstress, who I'm dear friends with, we've kind of joked about like, 'What is the dress going to look like?' But I don't know anything.

I have no idea." As Kate said, you take it day by day and fans are going to have to wait and see if this marriage happens or not. Everyone loves Kate and Toby together, but they have also had their ups and downs just like any couple would have in real life. Hopefully, they can make it work.

Now when it comes to the idea of Chrissy Metz doing a sex scene, she isn't against it at all, but only if it moves the plot. It isn't going to be just a random scene for her. She said as an actress she is like "bring it on!" Chrissy spoke out about how everyone has intimate times in their life and so it doesn't matter if she is a bigger girl or not.

Right now, they are not filming "This Is Us" and are taking a break.

The show has already been renewed, though. The fans are going to have to wait a bit for a new season, but luckily it will happen. "This Is Us" has only aired one season, but it already has a huge fanbase, and everyone loves it.

Do you think that Kate and Toby should get married next season? Do you feel like fans would embrace a sex scene with Chrissy Metz in it?

Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts, and don't miss "This Is Us" when it returns for season two. Toby and Kate could end up getting married in the next season or it could even be a bit longer in the future.