Fans know that Jack on "This Is Us" passes away, but so far they are not really sharing any of the details about what happened. Everyone is starting to slowly piece together what they think went down, and now fans seem to have figured out a heartbreaking detail of his death. It has not been confirmed if this is true yet, though.

What do fans think happened when Jack died?

It is obvious that Jack passed away while the kids were younger. They were younger than 24-years-old for sure, but that is all that anyone knows for sure. Now it turns out that fans think they have figured out that Rebecca might have been gone when Jack died.

She was working hard on her music career and was trying to be talked into going out on a tour. If Rebecca went on tour, then she would not be around for her kids all the time, but she also might have been gone when Jack died. This would make it really heartbreaking for everyone and could explain a few things.

Rebecca knew that she would have to get Jack's permission to go on tour, but as of last week, it wasn't confirmed what was going on. Jack and Rebecca had a really nice romantic night together at their first apartment they lived in, but she hadn't talked to him about the details of going on tour. Jack might be willing to let her go, but that would mean taking care of three kids on his own, which is not an easy task for anyone.

As of right now, "This Is Us" is putting off revealing the details of when Jack dies. They will eventually let the viewers know, but until then they are having fun speculating how it is all going to go down. Each week they give more clues and fans try to figure out the details. Some believe that Jack died in a plane crash, but that hasn't been confirmed yet at this time either.

Hopefully, by the end of season one they share the news, but this show has already been renewed.

Do you think that Rebecca was gone when Jack passed away? How do you feel like Jack died? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts, and don't miss new episodes of "This Is Us" when they air on Tuesday nights on NBC.