Kim Kardashian became famous for a variety of reasons. Her fame has brought her wealth and success, but it has also brought issues, none bigger than people trying to take her down. The infamous Paris Robbery was a harrowing example of this. She has been tight-lipped about the incident since it happened, but she took a natural opportunity to open up about it during her family's reality show.

Reality show revelations

On Sunday's episode of "Keeping Up With the Kardashians," Kim finally delved into the scary Paris robbery incident. She discussed how she was duct-taped and feared that the robbers would sexually assault her.

She believes the people may have been following her throughout her time in France and noted that they used fake police uniforms to trick people into getting entry into the hotel she was staying in.

Members of her immediate family also discussed the robbery. Kourtney was one of the first to respond to Kim, while Kris immediately went into mom mode. Husband Kanye West had the most visceral and heartfelt reaction, though. He claimed that he would not stop until the people who hurt her were six feet under. While not necessarily the most filtered response, that's a sign of some real love.

Ongoing Nightmare for Kim Kardashian

While we're now far removed from the Paris robbery, it seemingly comes back into the news frequently enough to be deemed a recurring nightmare for Kim.

Arrests have been made in the case, but there are still too many unanswered questions to close that chapter of the celebrity's life, a chapter that had a profound effect on her and her family.

Kim stopped posting on her social media accounts for a while. She changed the way she dressed and the way she appeared, trying to look less affluent and stave off some would-be predators in her life.

The robbery may also have played a part in a breakdown Kanye West suffered shortly afterward. Hopefully, speaking about that night will prove to be some long-awaited catharsis for Kim and the Kardashian family.