During the second season of "This Is Us," Kate Pearson, played by chrissy metz, will make Wedding plans including shopping for a wedding dress. Viewers witnessed her engagement to fiancé Toby Damon, played by Chris Sullivan, during Season 1. Her marriage to Toby is something to look forward to when the popular NBC drama returns.

Engagements on television don’t usually carry over from one season to the next. Since Toby and Kate got engaged during Season 1 and didn't get married, a wedding is likely to take place during Season 2.

Wedding Plans

When Toby asked Kate to marry him on Season 1 while he was recovering from heart surgery in a hospital bed, she said, "Yes." The couple did not rush into a wedding, but they talked about it for a while.

Then they decided they needed time to learn more about each other. Toward the end of Season 1, they were talking about an upcoming wedding. This is leading viewers to believe that a wedding will take place during the next season. Chris thinks being married to Kate on the show will provide job security for him.

Season 2

During Season 2, Kate and Toby will do things other than focus on their weight. Chrissy said she hopes there will be more intimate scenes with Chris. The couple tried a lovemaking scene once, but Toby ended up in the hospital with a heart attack. They think it is time for them to try it again.

When interviewed, both Chrissy and Chris said they hope their wedding does take place in Season 2 to give viewers some fun stuff to see since last season involved so many tear-jerking moments.

Writer and co-showrunner Elizabeth Berger revealed that Metz’s character will sing a lot because she has a beautiful voice, and viewers should see that part of her. Watch "This Is Us" when it returns next fall to hear Kate sing and perhaps walk down the aisle.

In real life, Chrissy Metz is dating Josh Stancil. The 36-year-old actress says she is in a very healthy relationship with the 40-year-old cameraman on the set of "This Is Us." If Kate and Toby do get married and be in intimate scenes, she doesn't know how Stancil will react behind the camera.