Recording artist Nicki Minaj is reportedly planning on reshooting her latest music video due in part to the effects of the recent terrorist attack in London. In addition, Minaj had offered her sympathies for the victims of the attack. In addition, the star herself is even known for promoting her love of the London city on social media.

The video was filmed at what would be the site of the attack just days after

Minaj had reporedly filmed scenes for the video for her song, "No Frauds," on Westminster Bridge days before the attack involving Khalid Masood.

According to "The Sun," the star has said that she felt using the scenes filmed at the bridge may be inappropriate. One source alleged that Minaj's crew generally felt that retaining the scenes to be in "bad taste."

The video filmed the singer throughout the city. According to reports, it is most likely that other scenes that had been filmed in London would still otherwise be retained. Some sources have alleged that the star was forced to reshoot, although it now appears that Minaj's team wanted to reshoot directly.

The star is known for her love of the city of London

Minaj had previously offered tribute to the victims on social media, having written that she hoped God would protect the people of London and offering condolences to the families of the victims.

The star, who was born in Trinidad and based in the United States, is known for her fondness for the City Of London, having referred to it as being akin to a "second home" for her, and has said felt felt just as comfortable in London as she does the United States. In addition, she had also posted photos of herself on Instagram waving a Union Jack flag.

The star was also notably in London when she had been named as having the most Billboard Hot 100 hits by a woman.

What the video would entail and what the reshot scenes will feature appears to be little known at this time. According to reports, Minaj appeared to be wearing a dominatrix-inspired outfit during the filming of the video, which included a silver and rhinestone corset and matching headdress, in addition to wearing a pair of biker boots. The song is said to be a collaboration between Lil Wayne and Drake.