It is almost time for the Season 1 finale of “This Is Us” and spoilers hint that it's going to be a wild ride to the finish line. Up next is Episode 16 and this one is titled “Memphis.” What can everybody expect from the February 21 show?

Big moments are coming for William and Randall

The Season 1, Episode 16 show will focus heavily on Randall and William. As everybody saw in this week's episode, Randall broke down as the pressure over his father's ailing health, challenges at home, and work stress got to him. Kevin was set to debut in his play, but he ran to his brother's side when he realized that he needed to step up and put his family first just like his father Jack would have done.

Next week, Randall will step away from work and head to Memphis with William. He knows that his father doesn't have much time left and he will head off on a road trip where he gets to learn a lot more about his biological father. The official synopsis for the next show doesn't reveal any additional “This Is Us spoilers beyond the trip for Randall and William, but additional teasers should emerge in the days to come.

Viewers worry about that last scene with Jack

Viewers watched as Jack and Rebecca fought over the fact that she had briefly dated her current bandmate years ago and he was last seen eating by himself and taking a drink. This was all playing out as Kevin, Kate, and Randall were teens, and fans have learned that Jack's death comes in that timeframe.

Is that scene of Jack taking a drink again setting the stage for his heartbreaking death? “This Is Us” spoilers have indicated that everybody will learn quite a bit more about Jack's death before Season 1 ends, but some key details will carry over into Season 2 coming next fall.

Show creator Dan Fogelman teased “This Is Us” spoilers via Entertainment Weekly that things are going to be getting quite dark and there will be at least one, if not more than one, death.

Those with the show have said that viewers will need to buckle their seat belts for these last few shows and hold on tight as there are doozies on the way.

Fans need to stock up on tissues

Fogelman also teased via Twitter that this week's show is the first one that made him openly weep while he was in the editing room and he hinted that Episode 16 is far more emotional.

Is this going to be the one where William dies? Viewers are certainly bracing themselves for that possibility, but “This Is Us” spoilers have not detailed anything that specific as of yet.

Just three more episodes remain in Season 1 and there is another schedule hiccup on the way. Viewers will get to watch the Pearsons on February 21, but then a presidential address will preempt the show the following week. Episode 17 then airs on March 7 and the finale comes on March 14. Fans are completely addicted to "This Is Us" and cannot wait to get more spoilers about where things head next.