This Is Us” star chrissy metz may have a somewhat messy love life on-screen at the moment, but the actress is now opening up about how she has found real-life love and it happens to be thanks to her hit NBC show. What's the scoop?

Who is actress Chrissy Metz dating these days?

Chrissy Metz shares with People that she is very happy with her boyfriend Josh Stancil, a cameraman on “This Is Us.” The two have been dating for a bit now, but she never identified who her guy was until late January when the couple went public at the Entertainment Weekly bash for the Screen Actors Guild Awards show.

She's been very protective of her boyfriend, not wanting to drag him into the limelight of her public life, but it sounds as if he was ready to go public and is very supportive of Metz's crazy life.

The “This Is Us” actress says that they have a very healthy relationship and she adds that Stancil is very mature. Metz notes that unlike her character Kate on the show, she's never had that many issues in the dating world and she credits the fact that she's typically happy and secure in her life for that. While Chrissy may have dated plenty in the past, it does sound as if this relationship with Stancil is going particularly well and the show's fans are thrilled for her.

The 'This Is Us' star is clearly quite smitten

Prior to sharing who her new man was, Metz told Us Weekly a while back that she is very happy in the relationship and she noted that he's “super supportive,” encouraging, and amazing. She also called him her “little sweet treat” and it seems that a friend connected the two as filming on “This Is Us” began.

They may have kept the relationship somewhat under wraps for the first few months, but it looks like they're doing really well and that he's ready to be seen by her side at public events.

Kate's love life may be facing some challenges as "This Is Us" marches toward its Season 1 finale, but it sounds as if Chrissy Metz's boyfriend in real-life is a great match for the actress.

Fans are loving the series, the character, and the actress and can't get enough these days, and everybody is thrilled that NBC has renewed the show for another two seasons already. Do you think that Josh Stancil could be "the one" for "This Is Us" star Chrissy Metz?