Viewers will get one step closer to the Season 1 finale of “This Is Us” with the Tuesday, February 14 episode and people are anxious for spoilers. Plenty of theories are swirling about Jack's death and answers will be coming before the finale. However, the next show is Episode 15 and it sounds as if there's a little something for everyone in this one.

Randall's struggling as his stress increases

The last that everybody saw of Randall and William, they had spent a day together connecting, despite intense pressures that Randall was facing at work.

William knows that he doesn't have much time left and viewers were left on edge when they saw tremors in Randall's hand. Will the stress of balancing work and family become too much for him?

“This Is Us” spoilers from TV Guide detail that during the next show, titled “Jack Pearson's Son,” Randall will continue to face challenges in balancing the pressure at work with his concerns over William's failing health. How much should fans worry about Randall after seeing those tremors? Actor Sterling K. Brown told Entertainment Tonight that viewers will need to have some tissues as this plays out, but that isn't anything new as just about every episode has viewers crying over one situation or another.

Kate reveals a secret and Kevin connects with Sophie

Toby surprised Kate by showing up at the weight-loss camp she was attending and Duke is hovering nearby, wanting a shot at Kate himself. Fans will see Toby and Kate learning some secrets about one another and Kate pays Duke a visit in what could lead to trouble for this developing love triangle.

TVLine adds that Kevin will be stressing out over his stage debut during Episode 15 and there's a bit of Sophie mixed into this one as well. “This Is Us” spoilers hint that support for Kevin comes from someone a bit surprising, and while Kevin and Sophie are hesitant to define where they are headed, it sounds as if they'll be moving ahead in giving their relationship another try.

Valentine's Day is a bust for Rebecca and Jack

In terms of flashback action, everybody will see Jack and Rebecca planning a Valentine's Day celebration, but things don't go as anticipated. It sounds as if the trouble on this front will be connected to Rebecca's opportunity to go on tour and Jack is none too pleased when he learns about the plans and the fact that she hid it from him for a while.

When will William pass away and will Randall be able to hold everything together as the pressure on him increases? Will Kate and Toby make it as a couple? How does Jack die and what pushes Rebecca and Miguel together? Susan Kelechi Watson, who plays Beth, teases “This Is Us” spoilers that it's going to be a nonstop, crazy ride to the finish in Season 1, and people are bracing themselves to see where things head next.