In November of last year, Kanye West (39) suffered from a temporary psychotic tbreak due to being overworked and sleep deprived. He was hospitalized for one week, and now, more details of his mental health are known. The music mogul is suffering from Memory Loss as a result of that episode, and is still struggling to recover his memory completely. West will have to care for his mental health throughout his life, relying primarily on the affection of his wife and children. In addition, the doctors told him that he should rest more and avoid the media exposure, which is a challenge for someone like him.

Kim Kardashian

His wife Kim Kardashian (36) has been West's main support throughout the process of recovering his mental health. "Yeezus" erased from his memory part of his past, which terrified the reality superstar. Kim even thought that her husband would lose his memory completely. Fortunately, that will not happen because the rapper is receiving excellent medical treatment. The problem is that he is a workaholic and will never change. He also likes to do many things at the same time. He loves to create music, design clothes, and in all of his activities, he demands the best out of himself.

Future plans

The personality of Kanye West is a great obstacle to the recovery of his mental health. He loves the media exposure although this will generate a lot of problems later.

In addition to his artistic activities, the musician plans to be a presidential candidate in 2024. West supports Donald Trump politically, distinguishing himself from his wife who supported Hillary Clinton. Meanwhile, the music mogul is working on a new album, which, according to him, will be the best of all he has done so far, since he always wants to excel in what he does.

As a fashion designer, today, he will be in attendance at New York Fashion Week, presenting his new collection for Adidas. There is great expectation for his new designs. West is a controversial man, and also a talented artist that's impossibe to ignore.