A few hours ago, interesting data has been revealed regarding the arrival of more fighters like Android 17 and Piccolo. It is known that a future episode will see Vegeta, Android 17, and Piccolo in action, however, currently we are still in the middle of Goku, Gohan, and Majin Buu taking on the Danger Trio of wolves. When the last episode aired, Majin Buu was in the middle of a fight with one of the wolves, however, Majin Buu did not do much actual fighting.

What powers will we see from Universe 9?

With the participation of the Universe 9 and its 3 warriors that are of the wolf race, there has not been much shown yet about them, and the powers that they have.

Perhaps we will be able to see more of this unfold in the next episodes. We know that when Gohan faces Lavenda, the wolf -- who is skilled in the art of poison -- uses such skills to impair Gohan throughout the course of the battle.

Gohan in danger of dying in his debut?

Everything seems to be pointing to a disadvantage for Gohan (who continues with the fight despite being wounded in one of his arms). His adversary has long claws and manages to injure him in many parts of his body. Gohan needs to focus himself, and tap into some of his power if he wants to come out of this battle victorious. It is known that Gohan has abandoned his training in recent times, and he is certainly rusty when it comes to battle.

Perhaps he will be able to unlock some of that power to secure the victory.

Additional information

The first fight is between Majin Buu and the Wolf Basil, with Majin Buu being the winner. Gohan's duel follows, and the fight is extended longer. Bergamo will face-off against the Saiyan Goku, who is prepared to assassinate this wolf as soon as possible.

Ultimately, as has been mentioned in the past, this tournament has stakes that could not be any higher. The universes that lose will ultimately be destroyed, so if this is not extra, added incentive to perform well during the fights, what is? Either way, we will find out what happens next when the new episode airs.