There is another This Is Us” schedule change on the way and viewers are not going to be happy about this one. The Season 1 finale is right around the corner and viewers are already counting down to see how things wrap up for the Pearson family before the long hiatus ahead. Now news has emerged indicating that there is a scheduling hiccup ahead that will push out Episode 18 for a week. What's the scoop?

There's another shift for 'This Is Us' fans on the way

Viewers have already endured numerous “This Is Us” scheduling shifts throughout Season 1, often due to political interruptions.

According to TVLine, there is another delay on the horizon. The Season 1 finale was set to air on Tuesday, March 7, but NBC has revealed that President Donald Trump will be doing an address to Congress on February 28 and this will push the last couple of shows out a week. It seems that the presidential address will be covered on NBC during the usual broadcast time for the series, so no show at all will air that week.

What “This Is Us” spoilers are swirling for these last few shows in Season 1? Viewers should learn quite a bit more regarding Jack's death, but teasers have also hinted that a number of significant details will be carried over into the episodes coming in Season 2. TV Guide reveals that Episode 15 coming on February 14 is titled “Jack Pearson's Son,” and everybody will watch as Kevin's play opens and Randall continues to face issues at home and at work.

Secrets from both Kate and Toby will emerge and there are hiccups in a Valentine's Day celebration during a flashback for Jack and Rebecca.

What's the schedule for the remaining 'This Is Us' episodes?

Episode 16 coming on February 21 is titled “Memphis” and “This Is Us” spoilers hint that William and Randall will be the primary focus of this one.

The two will road trip off to Memphis together and given William's declining health, there are sure to be heartbreaking moments ahead in this show. Details for Episodes 17 and 18 have not yet been revealed, but plenty of teasers will emerge heading into those March 7 and 14 broadcasts.

How do you think Jack dies and how does Rebecca end up with Miguel?

Does Kevin really have a shot at reuniting with Sophie and will Kate and Toby really end up hitched? Viewers will surely be frustrated over this finale delay and scheduling shift, but the wait should be worth it and additional "This Is Us" spoilers should be emerging as these heartbreaking episodes draw near.