A new episode of This Is Us is set to air Tuesday night and fans cannot wait to see this one. The Season 1, Episode 14 show is titled “I Call Marriage” and spoilers tease that there will be action on several fronts. What can everybody expect from the February 7 show?

There's an awkward situation ahead for Toby and Kate

“This Is Us” spoilers from TV Guide share that Kate will be thrown off-course when Toby throws her a shocker, and previews have shown that he will show up at her weight-loss camp with plans to join in on the program. He quickly meets Duke, the horse trainer who seemingly has an interest in Kate, and things may get pretty awkward.

Teasers indicate that there will be some flashback scenes involving Miguel and Shelly and they have some heartbreaking news to share with Jack and Rebecca. This news is said to leave the Pearson pair worried about their own relationship, so it sounds as if Miguel and Shelly may be breaking up. Viewers have been dying to see how Miguel and Rebecca ultimately end up together, and this may be one piece of the puzzle.

Will a reunion be coming for this Pearson family member?

The last new episode gave fans a shocker as they watched Kevin reflect on his love life and go see his childhood sweetheart, and ex-wife, Sophie. He laid it all on the line with his ex, telling her that he's never gotten over her, and “This Is Us” spoilers detail that Kevin and Sophie will spend some time together in “I Call Marriage.”

A spoiler-filled teaser from TVLine shows that Sophie will head to a diner to meet up with Kevin, but he doesn't exactly get a joyful embrace.

She rips into him and tells him that she only showed up to tell him off, but a server brings over a dish that clearly has some meaning to them as a couple, lava fries, and both Kevin and Sophie seem to acknowledge that it's going to be hard for her to just walk away.

Teasers hints that dark twists are ahead

Are Kevin and Sophie headed toward a sweet reunion?

It may be too soon to bank on that, as “This Is Us” spoilers via actor Justin Hartley and Entertainment Tonight reveal that Kevin will be all-in when it comes to trying to win his ex-wife back, showing what a romantic he is to try to make it happen. There are numerous flashbacks involving these two characters on the way and while he would like to just put the troubles of their past behind them and start fresh, it sounds as if Sophie is still carrying some wounds that need to be addressed.

Viewers will learn why Kevin and Sophie split during Tuesday's show and “This Is Us” spoilers Hartley teases that things may get fairly dark as the series heads toward its Season 1 finale in March. While fans will get some answers regarding Jack's death before this finale, teasers have revealed that some details will be held over for Season 2. NBC has already renewed the hit series for a second and a third season and people cannot wait to see where things head next.