Hey, guys. You'll be happy to know that we were able to dig up not one, not two, but a whopping three, new spoiler clips (below) for the upcoming "The Walking Dead" episode 10 of season 7, and they offer up some very interesting scenes as Richard pulls a gun on one of those Savior creeps. It also looks like Rick and the crew have finally found themselves the army they need, and more! This episode is labeled: "New Best Friends."

They're surrounded

The first clip is actually a basic promo, highlighting a couple of the storylines. In it, we see Rick and company, continuing to be surrounded by all those people that were featured at the end of episode 9.

One them asks Rick if they want to buy their lives back, claiming that they own them, so that's very interesting. Rick tells them that the Saviors own their lives and will come looking. However, there is a way out.

We're also shown a lot of scenes where people are quick to pull out their weapons on one another, so it looks very intense to say the least. Then that guy, Richard, from King Elijah's camp is spotted back on the scene. He's seen, telling Daryl that their goals are the same and needs their help to get them done. After that, it looks like we finally see Rick and the crew, working with these other people to finally be able to carry out a plot to get rid of these Savior a-holes. Yeah!

A whole lot of people

The 2nd clip is a sneak peek of one scene that shows Rick and company, gathering into one place with a whole freaking bunch of other people. It definitely looks like they'll have a huge army to do battle with if all those people are agreeing to fight. There was no dialogue in this one. Just people walking and gathering together.

Don't mess with Richard

Finally, in the 3rd scene, we got some major stuff about to break out! The Saviors are seen, picking on King Elijah's crew again when they come to collect all their stuff from them. Towards the end, one of the Saviors decides to pick on Richard. As we all know, he wasn't having any of it, and the scene ends with him, pulling his gun on the guy when the guy decides to pull on him!

Yep, there's a major showdown that will be taking place in this one. Be sure to check em out, below, and stay tuned. Episode 10 is set to arrive this Sunday night, February 19th,2017 at 8pm central time on AMC.