Prince Harry and actress Meghan Markle spent their first Valentine's Day together. Just a couple of months ago, they went to Norway to celebrate the New Year, however, they did not go far away to celebrate Valentine's Day. Last weekend Prince Harry took Meghan around Wales. However, on Valentine's Day, the couple relaxed together at home.

Couple spends time together

Prince Harry, 32, and his 35-year-old girlfriend began dating last summer, and they have been spending a lot of time together. It has been reported that the "Suits" star has been staying at Kensington Palace since the end of December.

She left for five days to go on a missions trip to India in January. When she returned, she did not go back to her home in Toronto. Instead, she resumed her stay with Prince Harry.

Even though Meghan is there with the prince, it doesn't keep him from carrying out his royal duties. He takes care of what he has to do and still spends as much time as he can with Meghan. On February 1, they were spotted on a date at Soho House. It's one of their favorite places. Perhaps it's because that's where they met last June. When they are not out and about, sources say the couple spends a lot of time together just enjoying themselves out of the public eye.

Their romance seems to be escalating based on the fact that they have completed some of the major milestones.

For instance, Prince Harry met Meghan's father, and she met several members of his family.

Prince Harry's family

Markle met Harry's father, Prince Charles. She met his brother, Prince William back in November. On January 10, she met Duchess Kate and Princess Charlotte. She has not met Harry's grandmother yet. Queen Elizabeth knows about Meghan and is impressed with her humanitarianism.

It has been reported that Queen Elizabeth has never seen her grandson happier than he is now with Meghan.

What's in store?

No one knows what's in store for Prince Harry and Markle. In fact, they probably don't know themselves. Apparently, they enjoy being with each other. Otherwise, Meghan would not have taken up residence at Kensington Palace for so long. What do you think about their relationship?