When Australian theater actor Hugh Jackman appeared in the 2000 “X-Men” film by 20th Century Fox cast as Logan aka Wolverine, the fierce mutant with powerful healing and alloy-bonded skeleton with retractable claws, he somehow blew audiences away, not only establishing a foundation as a major movie star but also influencing the development of the character he portrayed over at the original Marvel Comics he originated from. Over the next decade and a half, in between his many other roles, Jackman seemed to own the persona of Wolverine in all the Fox films of the X-Men franchise, until his prospective final appearance in the flesh as the iconic superhero in 2017’s “Logan.” It’s plain to see that he grew old with the (literally slow-aging) character and it’s sad to see him go, but again he really is getting on in years, as his current bout with potential skin cancer proves.

Superhuman character, human actor

This Monday February 13, Hugh Jackman posted on Twitter and Instagram to update his fans on how his treatment for skin cancer is getting along. Fret not; his extremely common variation of the disease, basal cell carcinoma, is rarely ever deadly. But it’s still uncomfortable, as attested by his accompanying photo – the treated portion was his nose – and rather unavoidable in cause given that it could stem from overexposure of the skin to so much sun; hence his strong admonition to his followers to wear sunblock. Thus far this is the fourth major treatment for skin cancer undergone by Wolverine’s actor, which he has been waging all the way back to the year 2013.

Just last year he posted on his Facebook a similar image of a bandaged nose; apparently that’s where his basal cell carcinoma seemed to recur.

According to the American Cancer Society, 3.3 million Americans today have skin cancer, with eight out of every ten of them afflicted with Jackman’s basal cell carcinoma.

The “X-Men” regular’s admonition holds true, in minimizing the risks of getting that condition by keeping out of the sun especially when it’s red hot where you’re from.

Last hurrah in defining role

Cancer treatment aside, nothing’s going to slow Hugh Jackman down; he is Wolverine after all. While his one last outing as his monumental character in “Logan” will release in theaters worldwide this March, he already moved on with another role as circus showman PT Barnum, for “The Greatest Show on Earth” which will premiere by the end of 2017.