Jessa Duggar announced last year that she was expecting her second child with husband, Ben Seewald. The two have kept the gender a secret, which has become tradition with this couple. When Jessa had Spurgeon, they did not announce they were having a boy though they did know the gender. Fans have been waiting on the arrival of the newest Duggar grandbaby and the second baby Seewald.

What did Jessa Duggar have?

This morning, Jessa Duggar delivered another baby boy. The news was shared via People, and it appears that mom and baby are doing quite well.

She was due on February 3rd, only delivering three days past what they initially expected. When Jessa delivered Spurgeon, she had to be rushed to the hospital for severe blood loss, but it appears all is well this time. Fans are excited to hear the news and find out that the newest addition to the family is doing well. Jessa and Ben shared the baby's stats with the magazine, saying that he weighs 8 pounds and 11 ounces, and is 21 and 3/4 inches long. That is one good sized baby!

There have been no photos shared yet, but they are expected at some point this week. They will likely be given to People again, as that seems to be the publication that handles everything Duggar-related. Right now, the baby is just hours old and they are working on bonding with the newest member of their family.

Baby Seewald's name?

Right now, a name for the newest Seewald has not been released. A few weeks ago, Jessa Duggar mentioned they had not yet come up with a name for the baby. This isn't unusual for the couple, as Spurgeon went without a name for a few days before it was finally announced that they decided to call him Spurgeon.

The name was chosen by Ben because of a person who had really affected his life. It was a sweet tribute, but the couple got a lot of criticism for the name.

Jessa Duggar is likely resting after a night of labor and delivering her second child. As more details become available, they will be shared. For now, fans are wishing the mom and dad the best in their new endeavor of being the parents of two boys!