According to a new report from the folks over at Us Weekly, we haven't seen the last of "This Is Us" actor, Ron Cephas Jones aka William (left), even though his character sadly passed away from cancer on the show. So, why is that do you ask? Will he come back as ghost? What's the deal? Actually, no. He won't be coming back as a ghost or anything crazy like that. What we're being told is that the creator of the show, Dan Fogleman, has revealed that William will be popping up in a few flashback scenes that they have scheduled in season 2. He's also supposed to appear in episode 17.

It's all about Rebecca and Jack in the finale

Fogleman shared this very important intel with the folks at Entertainment Weekly during an interview. Adding to the flashback news, he said William will not appear in the season 1 finale episode, because it's actually going to be focused entirely on Jack and Rebecca's current drama situation, calling it a Jack and Rebecca-centric episode. He ended it off by stating that William will actually remain a huge part of the show! So, that's quite interesting.

It's different with him, though

Fogleman went on to reveal that they're going to handle William's appearances differently than they handled Jack, who is still appearing in flashbacks after he died in the present-day storyline.

He pointed out that Jack was always in the Pearson family's past. However, when it comes to William, he only showed up in Randall's life in the last year, so they won't have as much backstory to work with when it comes to him. If they go further into William's past, we'll see scenes that precede him entering into Randall and Beth's life, which he said they're actually going to do, so look for that to happen.

In his final words of the interview, Fogleman reiterated that William is definitely going to remain a substantial part of the show.

Justin knows what happened to Jack

In related news, Justin Hartley who plays character, Kevin Pearson on show, recently revealed to Popsugar that he knows how Jack died from the present tense storyline.

Unfortunately, he also told them that he's not giving up a word of it. However, he did drop a very interesting tease, saying that we won't be disappointed when it's revealed, and that it's crushingly painful. Ooh. It sounds really bad. Anyways, stay tuned.