Vicki Gunvalson may have a bad reputation in the world of reality television but she is definitely a different person when it comes to her business. She is an insurance mogul and is self-made. In 1991, Gunvalson went to work and quickly rose to the top with her strict and honest ways. Unfortunately, not everyone around her is as honest.

Reality star finds discrepancies in her books

Upon inspecting her books, Vicki Gunvalson found some errors. She decided to look into things on her own and when she did, it wasn't good. According to reports, a male employee allegedly embezzled $45k from Gunvalson and her company.

This was all reportedly done by stealing commissions and clients. What the employee didn't account for was the person he was stealing from is Gunvalson's son. While the money wasn't discovered missing immediately, the suspect was only employed with her company for two months.

A police investigation has been launched by as of now, no charges have been filed. Vicki Gunvalson was an insurance mogul before she was a reality television star and it is her first priority. Being that she is a self-made millionaire, the business is incredibly important to her. Her son, Michael Wolfsmith is invested in this company just as she is and it was him who became a victim of commission embezzlement.

Will this play out on 'RHOC'?

It is unclear whether or not Vicki Gunvalson is filming for the "Real Housewives of Orange County" right now. She is returning for Season 12 but no mention of filming has come across at all. Speculation is that if it did happen while the cameras were on, she would have to stay quiet about everything because of the open police investigation.

No more details have been released and the suspect has not yet been named.

Fans were shocked to read about the embezzlement from Vicki Gunvalson's company and have been commenting about it since the news was released. It appears that it is being handled as best as can be and Gunvalson hopes there will be a resolution soon.