"The Walking Dead" fans love Daryl and Carol together. The relationship between the two is complicated. The reunion between the two was sweet and made some fans wonder, just for a second, if maybe the two may rekindle their relationship from the early seasons. When Carol was sitting by the fire and Daryl was at the table, the two had a conversation about why she left. When she asked Daryl if everyone was alright, he said yes. He did not tell her about Negan murdering Abraham and Glenn. According to some show notes that were leaked, we have learned that a lot happens in the next episode.

If you don't want to know, it's time for a cookie from Carol's stash. If you continue to read you will know what happens!

Two more characters will die!

According to the various casting call listings and the rumor mill, we will lose two characters in the next episode - Ben and Richard. There is again a trade off between The Kingdom and the Saviors. This time Richard pulls something shady to trigger a problem with the Saviors in an attempt to get King Ezekiel to join forces with Rick. When it is all over, Ben is dead.

Morgan breaks!

Morgan is seen dragging Richard and ends up killing him. Apparently the death of Ben caused him to snap again. He is right back to "kill or be killed mode."

Now for how Carol finds out the truth.

It is rumored that Morgan goes back to Carol and tells her everything. He tells her about the death of Abraham and Glenn. Some of her scenes were filmed at The Kingdom so that leads to the conclusion that Carol is trying to get King Ezekiel to join in the war against the Saviors.

Daryl had to know that something so awful couldn't remain a secret.

In his defense, Carol told him that if she had to fight again she would have nothing of herself left. He didn't want to see her in pain anymore. His intentions were pure but how will she feel about it?

We will continue to keep you posted on all the latest on "The Walking Dead." Check back to make sure you don't miss any new details!