"The Walking Dead" has introduced a lot of new communities this season. The zombie apocalypse world is more populated than fans have seen in previous seasons. Ironic that it all comes down to Rick recruiting the communities we already knew. If you don't want to know, don't continue to read. Potential spoilers follow!

Rick has finally decided it is time to stand up to Negan and the Saviors the way Maggie had wanted to from the beginning. Now he is faced with the reality of the situation. They need more people and are seriously short on guns after Negan took their arsenal.

Rick and King Ezekiel

When Rick met with King Ezekiel things didn't go the way he had hoped. Morgan spoke of the inevitable deaths, and that answered the question posed to the king. The Kingdom would not join forces to stand against Negan. Richard, however, is in total agreement with Rick and wants to take the enemy out. Over the next couple of episodes, we will see more manipulations on his part in trying to sway others.

King Ezekiel is a realist. He has to know how much danger they are in with an opponent like Negan. Though he has an understanding with them, the last exchange showed just how quickly things could become unstable with them over something trivial. Eventually, he will have to join Rick in declaring war on Negan.

What's happening at Hilltop?

As for Hilltop, the current leader Gregory sees no problems. He is living a very comfortable lifestyle and feels secure. No need for a change in his view. When he as much as told Rick that, a group of Hilltop residents asked Maggie and Sasha to train them so they can fight with her. The two ladies had gained a lot of respect from the Hilltop residents.

Rumors are flying that Hilltop will see a change in leadership in the very near future. Though the details have not yet been leaked, it would seem reasonable that Maggie will end up taking the lead seat at Hilltop. She has proven herself to them and obviously has their trust. As for the war with the Saviors, Maggie would lead them into battle right next to Rick.