For the last six decades, Playboy started by Hugh Hefner has been the beacon of liberalism. It was the first magazine that showcased Nudes along with intellectual articles and interviews with celebrities. It was a heady concoction, and no magazine could match it. However, the readership of the magazine began to plummet as more and more free porn appeared on the net. The editorial board then decided to do away with nude shots and bring out the magazine. This didn't gel with the readers, and now a decision is taken to relaunch the magazine like its old Avatar with nude photographs of women.

The Playboy publication in its revised form without nudes lasted just about two years. But the magazine lost whatever readership it still had. In other words, the new format was a disaster.

Relaunching Playboy

The magazine will now reinvent itself from the March 2017 issue and will feature a nude and topless model on the centerfold page. It will carry the message " naked is normal." This is in sharp contrast to the magazine even showing a photo of a fully clad woman in a Hijab. Unfortunately, the magazine is associated with a particular culture and the public couldn't accept this deviation and the journal just bombed.

Playboy and the world

Over the decades Playboy magazine had almost become an institution and showcased the American dream.

People all over the world bought the magazine, and in countries where it was banned, it was available on the black market at a heavy premium. The magazine was smuggled even to the Islamic nations. All this changed once the editors decided that with too much porn on the net the magazine had lost its relevance.


It did not take the management long to realize that Playboy had a niche clientele and to regain that group it must revert to its old avatar.

This is now done, and the booklet will once again hit the stands like in the old days replete with nudes of beautiful women. Hopefully, the magazine will regain its lost position. It may not reach the old heady days, but a committed readership is bound to ensure the magazine does not sink.