bachelornation met the news of rachel lindsay being the next "Bachelorette" with mixed emotions. Not because they weren't happy with the choice but because of the timing. With Nick Viall's season still being aired and the hometown dates coming, it was a major spoiler for the show.

On the show airing Monday, February 20th, Rachel will be introducing Nick Viall to her family in Dallas, Texas. We know from interviews done since, that her mother asks Nick some tough questions regarding interracial relationships. Just as Reality Steve had said, Rachel is eliminated after that visit.

Chemistry between Nick and Rachel

There was a spark between the two from night one. At the end of the introductions with the parade of women exiting the limos, Nick gave Rachel the first impression rose. The two had chemistry and have continued to grow closer. Rachel recently said that she was shocked when she was eliminated. She thought they were ready for the next step but Nick's heart had taken him in another direction.

But why announce before she is eliminated?

The fans of the show are disappointed that the announcement of Rachel as the new "Bachelorette" happened before she was eliminated on the current season of "The Bachelor." It wasn't that BachelorNation disapproved of the casting, but that the announcement came too soon.

Chris Harrison spoke out on this to help folks understand why. He said that in order to get the best applicants of men ready to date Rachel, they had to get the word out. The casting will begin as soon as the current seasons finishes airing and the time is needed in order to broaden the candidate pool.

Rachel is obviously excited and ready for this journey.

She has said that she is ready for marriage and children and her time as one of the women pursuing love with Nick only made her realize how ready she is for love. Nick has taken to Twitter to be supportive of Rachel in her journey to find love. He refers to her beauty and class and how she is the total package. Rachel Lindsay is the fist African-American woman to be cast as "The Bachelorette." BachelorNation is thrilled to have her for next season.