Just this week on marriage boot camp: Reality Stars, Amy Duggar King shared a story about how her father allegedly abused her when she was growing up. Amy’s story has been seen in previews over and over, but this was the first time that she revealed who it was that abused her as a child. There had been some speculation that it was Dillon, but a while back Amy shared that it wasn’t him and that it would come out on the show. Now Amy's grandma is speaking out and saying she is lying.

What did her grandma reveal?

On the show, Amy explained that when she was younger, her dad picked her up by the throat clear up to the ceiling.

She also said that she spent a lot of time outside on her trampoline because of fighting that she didn't want to hear. Amy talked about it on the show with the counselors, and now her grandma is saying that this isn't true at all.

Amy’s paternal grandmother, Lenora Jordan, is speaking out. This is not Grandma Duggar that is seen on the show "19 Kids and Counting." Jordan says that Amy is lying about these accusations. She said, "None of that stuff is true. Amy just felt like she needed to be on that show, and needed something to tell.” Of course, Amy hasn't shared her thoughts yet on what her grandma had to say. You can imagine that she won't be happy about it, but since the show was already filmed a long time ago, it won't be coming out on the reality series.

Amy Duggar says that she has forgiven her dad and moved on from it all, but he wasn't very happy that she talked about it on reality television. This show is all about working through your issues and while talking to the therapist Amy just simply shared her thoughts on something that bothered her a lot from her past.

Are you shocked to hear that Amy Duggar's grandma is saying that she was lying about the accusations against her father? Do you feel like Amy was telling the truth? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts. You can also watch Amy on "Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars" on Friday nights on WE.