"The Bachelor" is at the final four and Nick Viall will be meeting the parents. Next week is the hometown dates for him to meet his potential in-laws. If you don't want to know and have managed not to find out, stop reading now. Spoilers will follow!

With the unexpected exit of Kristina Schulman before the Rose Ceremony, the episode begins where last week left off. Again Bachelor Nick has left them without the need to have a Cocktail Party and a Rose Ceremony.

Where are the Hometown Dates?

With everyone's nerves settled, the group prepares for hometown dates.

First stop for Nick will be with Corinne's family in Ft. Lauderdale, FL. So far we don't have leaks as to what happened on that visit.

The second stop is at the home of Rachel Lindsay in Dallas, TX where he meets her father who is a federal judge. Sam Lindsay has been on the bench since President Bill Clinton was in office. Viewers saw Rachel telling Nick about him in the past.

The third visit is at the home of Raven Gates in Hoxie, AR. She has already met Nick's parents. When they had a one-on-one date in his home state of Wisconsin, he introduced her to his family. It is only fair that he gets to meet her family as well as see the boutique she owns. There have even been pictures on the internet of the couple strolling through her town.

The final visit is with Vanessa Grimaldi in Montreal, Canada. This is another visit that didn't have info leaking. Viewers will have to wait and see how this date went as well.

Why is Andi there?

The group will meet back in New York City at the William Vale Hotel for a Rose Ceremony. This is when the mystery lady appears. Andi Dorfman, the first in "The Bachelor" franchise to reject Nick.

Her visit isn't to profess her love for him, however. She is there to give him some advice about the tough decisions he will be facing over the next few weeks.

The Rose Ceremony is held after Nick has time to think things over. In the end, Corinne is the one sent home as the others prepare to go to Finland. The Overnight Dates will be the final dates before the Finale.