The most recent update made by Niantic in the last days, which included new Porkemon of the second generation, has generated a lot of buzz once again on social networks. A good chunk of this chatter has centered around the mysterious Pokemon, which has appeared in photos, showing a face with a strange feature. Its shape seems to be that of a monster with symbols and letter signs, something that has caught the attention of 'Pokemon GO' users -- the creature called Unown. Let’s see below.

The mystery of Unown

In the last days, the mystery of this monster Pokemon has been generating a lot of curiosity from users of the application, because this monster could not be located by the players -- so much so that many wonder where is this Pokemon and where it can be found.

However, most users do not have the slightest idea, or rather, say they are not sure if this creature exists in the game, because it has been practically impossible to locate. You have a method to acquire the associated medals, and that is to pick up each letter. However, Unown is one of the rarest monsters in "Pokemon GO" and besides being weird, there are only a few variations of this new online monster. According to assumptions and suppositions of the players, this Pokemon has been assigned to special places, enabled by Niantic.

How difficult is Unown to find?

According to data collected by a source close to Niantic, the location of Unown may become a bit difficult, however, one of the most difficult challenges in-game, ultimately, is to capture this appreciated creature, because with the addition of the 80 new second generation monsters, there is also a variety of third party radars.

As is known, for some time now a lot of third-party followers have been demolished. Still, with all of the updates released recently, the overall game experience has certainly improved.

Next, we will show you the progress of the upcoming event of the game. Enjoy it, and stay tuned. In the meantime, we await the arrival of more new Pokemon.