The location and capture of the most appreciated Pokemon creatures is not easy. Apart from the great effort to capture them, there are some unknown Pokemon that exist in the game, but, it’s almost become impossible to catch them. As more and more players began to capture Corsola, and others failed to locate it, it became clear that there are no specific parts of the world where you can find the creature. Corsola is not like the other Pokemon that are no longer available in certain countries. Next, we share with you new information about this strong creature.

Let’s see below.

Where to find Corsola?

Corsola is from an exclusive region, which seems to be anywhere in the world between 31 ° N and 26 ° S, which includes the southern tip of Texas and Florida, as well as northern Australia. It would make sense for Niantic to give this part of the world its own Pokemon.

New changes in the movements

Since last Tuesday, the duration the most rapid movements has been altered. These speeds had been lengthened in a recent upgrade, but now, it seems to be back to normal speed. In addition, for some movements, the power has been reduced, as well as the energy gain and the damage inflicted. A particularly notable change was the water gun movement, which previously inflicted 10 damage, but now, it only inflicts five damage.

With these recent changes of movement, it is now a little easier to defeat Blissey, who, in recent days has proven to be absolutely unstoppable.

Additional information

As it is known, recently, it was announced by Niantic -- a new event for the month of February. This new event brings new changes in the game, as well as several surprises for the players.

It has not been confirmed yet, if new special Pokemon are coming to this event. However, a source close to Niantic has leaked new information about new changes and new creatures enabled by Niantic.

This is all the information known so far. Keep enjoying the game, and stay tuned for more updates as they become available.