While out promoting "Logan," the final movie with Hugh Jackman playing Wolverine in the X-Men franchise, Patrick Stewart had said that he was interested in possibly returning to play Professor Charles Xavier once again. Something has happened to change his mind. Entertainment Weekly spoke to Stewart and he said that "Logan" will be the last time he plays Professor X, following Hugh Jackman out the door.

Patrick Stewart as Professor X in 'X-Men'

The X-Men franchise had slightly moved away from Patrick Stewart over the years but Bryan Singer made sure to keep some spots for his original cast members.

In "X-Men: Days of Future Past," Stewart's Professor X sent Wolverine back in time to convince a younger Professor X played by James McAvoy to not make the same mistakes he made. However, with the X-Men franchise focusing more and more on the younger actors, there doesn't seem to be as much need for people like Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen, who played Magneto. Stewart starred in all three original X-Men Movies, and had roles in "X-Men Origins: Wolverine," "The Wolverine," and "X-Men: Days of Future Past," for an impressive six appearances.

'Logan' convinced Patrick Stewart to step away

"Logan" was meant to be a swan song for Hugh Jackman. It was the final portrayal of Wolverine for the actor, his 10th movie to play the role.

From all accounts, it is a perfect farewell for Wolverine. However, Professor X was also back for this movie as an elderly mutant suffering from dementia. It sounds like it was also the perfect goodbye for Stewart. In the interview, Patrick said that he was so moved by the movie that he and Jackman both wiped away tears and grasped each other's hands.

While it sounds like hyperbole, Stewart said he didn't think there could ever be a better movie for him to say goodbye to Professor X, so this is the time he will step away.

The Future of Professor X

The next X-Men movie will be "X-Men: Supernova," which might retell the Dark Phoenix saga. Whether or not James McAvoy returns as Professor X or not, there will surely be one in this movie.

It takes place in the new timeline so there will be no Patrick Stewart version of the character and the time for bouncing back and forth in time seems to be over with. Fans of Professor X should be ready to watch "Logan" and prepare for an emotional farewell to two of the greatest characters in the franchise's history.